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Colum McCann, RAVES about Reflections of Molly Bloom & Aedín Moloney's performance

"Aedin Moloney brings the spirit of Molly Bloom to life, in tune, in harmony, with honesty and with grace. This recording will forever be in my head. Sharp, funny, profound and beautiful, we are enriched by Moloney's voice." - Colum McCann (author of "Let The Great World Spin")

What an amazing endorsement by award winning author, Colum McCann, for Aedín Moloney's performance on "Reflections of Molly Bloom". We are so blown away by his rave review. Thank you Colum! Inspired by Ulysses by James Joyce, Reflections of Molly Bloom Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Aedín Moloney and Paddy Moloney are available only on Itunes.

Colum McCann's review of Reflections of Molly Bloom & Aedín Moloney

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