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Reflections of Molly Bloom Vol  1_edited
Inspired by James Joyce's Ulysses
Molly's Soliloquy Interpreted and performed by 
Aedín Moloney
with music by
Paddy Moloney 
(of The Chieftains)
dedicated with love to Rita O'Reilly 
with deepest gratitude to the following guest musicians:
Paddy Moloney
Triona Marshall
Alyth McCormack
Carlos Nunez
Redmond O'Toole
Xurxo Nunez
Pancho Alvarez
A Wild Mountain Flower production
Produced by Aedín Moloney & Allen Towbin
Audio Engineer: Allen Towbin
With special thanks to music recording Engineer, Brian Masterson
Photography by Silvia Saponaro
Image Design by Eileen Connolly
Thanks to the following for their support and guidance:
Arnaldo Segarra
John Keating
Colum McCann
Danny McDonald
John McElroy
Aonghus Moloney
Pàdraig Moloney
Anne van de Ven
Aíne ní Dhubhain
Arthur Yorinks
Ruth Kavanagh
Siobhan McCourt
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