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World music Star Carlos Nunez featured on Reflections of Molly Bloom

When Aedín Moloney first shared with her father, musician Paddy Moloney (of The Chieftains) her vision to bring both the Irish and Spanish heritage of Molly Bloom into the music, Paddy immediately asked his good friends and colleagues Carlos Nunez, Xurxo Nunez and Pancho Alvarez to be guests on the recording. They have brought an incredible essence to the piece which captures a true flavor of spain, carrying us south to Gibraltar (Molly's childhood home) and looking towards Morocco. Inspired by Ulysses by James Joyce, Reflections of Molly Bloom Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Aedín Moloney and Paddy Moloney are available only on Itunes.

Carlos Nunez

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