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Reflections of Molly Bloom music includes an exotic Iberian feel

Molly Bloom's mother was a Gibraltarian of Spanish descent, called Lunita Laredo! As the vision of Aedín Moloney was to draw out Molly Bloom to the fullest, it was imperative to include the music of the character's complete heritage. Paddy Moloney inspired by his daughter's desire for the music to be an extension of Molly's inner self, called on the world renowned Xurxo Nunez and Pancho Alvarez to help create that flavor. The sound they have brought has succeeded in being the extension of Molly's heartbeat. Check out their work on Reflections of Molly Bloom Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. This album is inspired by Ulysses by James Joyce. Available NOW Only on ITUNES.

Pancho Alvarez on Reflections of Molly Bloom
Xurxo Nunez on Reflections of Molly Bloom

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