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Renowned Classical Guitarist Redmond O'Toole plays the strings Molly Blooms heart.

"... the guitar that fellow played was so expressive..." - Molly Bloom from Ulysses by James Joyce. Redmond O'Toole is recognised as one of the most distinctive and original guitarists of his generation. We are humbled that he would share his skill and art on REFLECTIONS OF MOLLY BLOOM. When he plays "Maneo" at the beginning of Sentence 4 it is as if he is playing the strings of Molly's soul. Redmond was the first to adopt Paul Galbraith’s ‘Brahms guitar’. This groundbreaking instrument and technique uses an 8-string guitar in the position of a cello. He has performed at major concert halls and events throughout Europe such as Passau International Guitar Festival, Germany, Irish National Concert Hall, Royal Dublin Society Concert Hall and Hallein Guitar Festival, Austria . He has performed as soloist with orchestras such as BBC Ulster and the Irish Baroque and has toured extensively as guitarist for legendary Irish group ‘The Chieftains’. He teaches at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin.

Classical Guitarist Redmond O'Toole performs on Reflections of Molly Bloom
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